Pointers in Choosing the Right CBD Oil for Your Needs

The use of medicinal cannabis is certainly growing. Moreover, the availability of CBD oils is increasing as well which isn’t a bad thing. However, choosing the right product among vast options can be quite a challenge. So, here are a few pointers to consider which may help you in choosing the right CBD oil for your needs.

1.       CBD Isolate vs Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD oils are available as full-spectrum oils or CBD isolates. Full-spectrum oils contain cannabinoids like CBL and CBN, other flavonoids, and terpenes. Terpenes are compounds that are aromatic, which include limonene and pinene. These compounds work in collaboration with CBD via the process called “entourage effect.” On the other hand, CBD isolate oils contain only CBD.

2.       Concentration of CBD

CBD oil comes in a variety of forms, all of which come with different concentration levels. The packaging of the product should mention the amount of CBD in the product. While some brands state the concentration level in terms of milligrams, others have it in percentages.

The higher the concentration, the stronger the effect. However, it is not advisable to sgo for the highest concentration, especially if you’re just starting out with CBD.  It is recommended to start at low dosages then gradually working up to high dosage. Observe the effects before making increasing your dosage.

3.       Extraction Method

CBD can be extracted in many ways. Also, not all methods are the same when it comes to the purity of the final product. The quality of the CBD oil vary depending on the extraction method.

The best CBD oil is produced by supercritical CO2 extraction. Such a method makes use of carbon dioxide subject to high pressure to extract, preserve, and save the purity of CBD.

4.       Method of Delivery

Same as with choosing the concentration, choosing the method of delivery of CBD oil is just as important. There are many ways of using CBD. You could take capsules. You can also go for CBD tincture and put two to three drops under the tongue. Other options include vaping CBD and using CBD creams. It is best to try out all the methods to see which one works best for you.

5.      Source of CBD

Lastly, the source of CBD oil is the most important. Shady manufacturers of CBD oil use non-food-grade hemp that can affect the quality of the CBD oil. This means contaminants may be in the final product. Only choose CBD products which are made with organically grown hemp.

Reputable CBD oil manufacturers always mention the source of their CBD. Furthermore, ensure the product has been tested by third parties. This ensures that it is safe.

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